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This set of rules is based on the Europa series of games by GRD and while it uses the OBs, counters, and maps from those games, it has many differences. Europa players will have little difficulty in grasping most of the concepts and usually gain familiarity with the core rules very quickly. Supply, naval, and political rules while extensive, are usually not needed for scenarios and shorter games and are included for the purpose of linking the individual games into a cohesive whole.


The rule set is broken up into main rule sections in PDF format which can be individually downloaded by rule number by choosing the desired file below. If a rule is updated from your version, you can just download and print the newer version and replace the one you have. Rule versions are dated by year/month/date. This can be found immediately following the rule heading after opening the pdf file. The complete set can be downloaded by clicking Complete Rule Set. It is a 6 mb file and you will need Adobe Acrobat to read it. This file will will only be updated monthly. This can be found at the Adobe web site if you do not have it already.

Please note when printing the individual rules that there are often blank pages at the end of each rule. This is a formating issue that arises when combining the rules together and is unavoidable. Doublecheck the pages you need to print or you will be wasting a lot of paper.

Rule 00   Table of Contents
Rule 01   Introduction
Rule 02   Game Components
Rule 03   Basic Game Concepts
Rule 04   Sequence of Play
Rule 05   Zones of Control
Rule 06   Movement
Rule 07   Transportation Lines
Rule 08   Stacking
Rule 09   Support
Rule 10   Armour/Anti-Tank Effects
Rule 11   Combat
Rule 12   Overruns
Rule 13   Unit Breakdowns/Assemblies
Rule 14   Engineering
Rule 15   Special Unit Types
Rule 16   Supply Rules Introduction
Rule 17   Supply Effects
Rule 18   Supply Lines
Rule 19   Supply & Strategic Resource Points
Rule 20   Air Rules Introduction
Rule 21   Airbases
Rule 22   Movement of Air Units
Rule 23   Air Missions
Rule 24   Air Combat
Rule 25   Anti-Aircraft
Rule 26   Special Air Rules
Rule 27   Airborne Landings
Rule 28   Air Replacement System
Rule 29   The Strategic Air War
Rule 30   Naval Rules Introduction
Rule 31   Ports and Beaches
Rule 32   Naval Unit Movement
Rule 33   Naval Missions
Rule 34   Naval Combat
Rule 35   Naval Transport
Rule 36   Special Naval Rules
Rule 37   Amphibious Landings
Rule 38   Naval Reinforcements & Repair
Rule 39   Naval/Land Interdiction
Rule 40   Forts, Entrenchments & Cities
Rule 41   Special Terrain Rules
Rule 42   Weather
Rule 43   Special Weather Zones
Rule 44   Garrisons & Occupation
Rule 45   Partisans
Rule 46   Empty Rule
Rule 47   Surprise Turns
Rule 48   Limited Intelligence
Rule 49   Operational & Strategic Reserves
Rule 50   Factories & Production
Rule 51   Reinforcements
Rule 52   Replacements
Rule 53   Unused
Rule 54   Lend-Lease to Russia
Rule 55   Governments & National Will
Rule 56   Axis Political Rules
Rule 57   Neutral/Minor Political Rules
Rule 58   Allied Political & Special Rules
Rule 59   Soviet Political & Special Rules
Rule 60   Preparing for Play
Rule 61   Victory Conditions (Unfinished)
Rule 62   Detailed Sequence of Play
Rule 63   Glossary (Unfinished)
Rule 64   Geographic/Political Regions
Rule 66   Index
Rule 70   Country Specific OB Information
Rule 100   National Rules Introduction
Rule 101   Axis Countries
Rule 102   Neutral Countries
Rule 103   Allied Countries


Most Charts are included in the rule set. Links to go to those other Charts not included in the rules or to the combined Chart sets are listed below. These Charts are not completely updated and finalised at this time. In case of a disagreement between them and those in the rule set, the ones in the rule set should be assumed to be the latest versions.
Air Mission Chart
Allied Commonwealth Loss Records
Allied Pajor Power Loss Records
Axis Loss Records
Combat Sheet
Corp Sheet
Game Calender and Timeline
Soviet Loss Record
Soviet MD Replacement Record
Success Table and Modifiers
Surrender Table
Terrain Effects Chart
Turn Track-Replacement Pool
Weather Record

Orders of Battle

Orders of Battle are not available yet. Use those from the appropriate Europa game. This link is a test and will only download another copy of the rules. Download Complete Rules as a PDF file.

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